Player Housing



             With a non-instanced unique housing system that can be placed almost

             anywhere in the world, players can truly build and design their houses

             the way they want them to look. Instead of the standard system other games use 

             where you are only allowed to place down a whole pre-designed house, 

             a player is allowed to place individual walls to build up their house.


             The gradual wall building system also opens up other options like

             damage on walls that makes for some interesting game play.

             Wage war against other guilds and break down their defenses or just

             become a thief and break through someone's wall to steal their loot.

             But be warned, it will come at a cost to your reputation and you have to

             get past security systems like Guarding Gargoyles.









           Being a player driven game, towns are solely created and managed by players.

           Joining a Guild and placing a certain amount of houses down will

           automatically form a town, at which point the Guild Master will become Mayor.

           As a Mayor of a town, a player will have access to town development systems like

           choosing what town buildings to build. Some Mayors might choose to build a blacksmith first

           while others might choose to build a guard post and walls first for defense.


           Different town buildings will unlock other buildings or upgrades, so choose wisely.

           Town crafting buildings like a blacksmith or sawmill will increase the trading capabilities 

           of a town, while other buildings like a guard house or archery will allow the town to train

           guards and other soldiers for protection or war.


          The most important task a player will have as Town Mayor will be politics with other towns.

          Deciding with whom to establish trading and with whom to declare war will

          play a big role in the growth of the town.


          As towns grow in size by means of new houses and population,  they can grow

          to become a city with a castle. Multiple cities can join together to become

          a kingdom.  Ruling a kingdom is not for the faint of heart, so be sure to form strong alliances.

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