There are two types of dungeons in Neos Land: World Dungeons

           and Player Owned Dungeons.


           World Dungeons appear in the open world allowing any player to

           venture into them. These dungeons are not limited to the amount of 

           players that enter them so there is a good chance you will run into others 

           while adventuring in them. These dungeons are a great source of unique

           resources like crystals which are needed for portal traveling among other things.


           Player-owned Dungeons can be accessed from a trap door placed inside a player's house.

           These dungeons are instanced and players can set their access to public or invite only.

           As a Dungeon Master, a player can build their dungeon any way they like using the same

           system they use to build a house. They will be able to place spawners for creatures and

           spawn them using the essence of those creatures they collected in the main world. A Dungeon Master

           can also spawn creatures on the fly while a group of adventurers are in their dungeon allowing for unique 

           encounters and enticing game play.


           With options to generate game keys for your dungeon, a player can invite friends from outside the game to just play their

           dungeon they have created, without their friends needing to purchase the game. This opens up new possibilities for Streamers.

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