Weaponry Skill




               You have a wide range of weapons to use , each one of them have unique abilities to

               unlock as you gain skill in them. These weapons will open up different combat styles

               so you can choose which one suits your combat style. Not all weapons are available to

               use right from the start, instead you have to gain skill in a certain weapon.

  CellBG SwordsWeapon

  Sword Skill

     Wielding a sword in one hand allows you to have a shield in the other.

     This is the perfect balance between attacking and defending.


CellBG StaffWeapon

  Staff Skill

     With two hands on a staff you get a lot more power to deal

     large blows, but the speed of your swings are slow.


 CellBG DaggerWeapon

  Dagger Skill

     Wielding two small daggers in your hands allows you to deal fast

    precise blows, but the damage inflicted is low so you have to be fast.


 CellBG SpearWeapon

  Spear Skill

    With the range of a spear, you can deal damage to a opponent and not

   allow them to get too close to you.


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