Professions Skill




                As you gain skill points in different professions, it will open up abilities to generate

                new recipes with can be used in crafting items.

               Become a master in a certain direction and open up new unique professions like 

               Weapons Smith or Master Carpenter, then sell your unique items to others.

  CellBG Proffesions Carpentry

  Carpentry Skill

     Crafting wood items like furniture will increase your carpentry skill

     and can be very profitable as well.


CellBG Proffesions Alchemy

  Alchemy Skill

     Create potions and poisons to either heal or harm. These items

     can easily change the outcome of a battle.


 CellBG Proffesions Masonry

  Masonry Skill

     Crafting building items in the game increases your

     masonry skill which opens up abilities to use in destroying buildings as well.


CellBG Proffesions Cooking

  Cooking Skill

   Cook different things to create restoring food.  As you need to eat

   and drink often, the better your cooking is, the longer it will last.


CellBG Proffesions Blacksmith

  Blacksmithing Skill

    Using an Anvil or Smelter to break down any minerals you have gathered

    from raw form to a usable form will increase your Blacksmithing Skill.


CellBG Proffesions Mining

  Mining Skill

     Using a pick axe, you can mine different minerals found spread across the

     land. These minerals are used in many different places, even for traveling.


CellBG Proffesions Forestry

  Forestry Skill

    Your forestry skill allows you to harvest different types of wood from

    trees. These woods are an important part of building settlements.


 CellBG Proffesions Gathering

  Gathering Skill

   Gathering resources like mushrooms and berries will increase your

   gathering skill.


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