Magery Skill




                With the ability to manipulate the magic around you, this skill will increase as you use it.

                But be warned, the use of magic comes at a high cost to your energy and requires



               Combining these abilities with your weapons combat style will make for some unique

               combat that fits with each player's style.


  CellBG Mage Altering

  Altering Skill

     The ability to alter one's self or the world around you is extremely powerful and

     can get you into places you usually can't go.


CellBG Mage Deception

  Deception Skill

     Deceiving another player or creature can give you that opportunity to avoid

     damage or escape from combat.


CellBG Mage Restoring

  Restoring Skill

     Being able to heal or revive another player makes this a powerful skill

     to have. Players who are strong in Restoring will be in high demand.


 CellBG Mage Identification

  Identification Skill

     Some items will only reveal their true power when they are Identified.

     This is also a useful skill to have when traveling through dungeons.


 CellBG Mage Conjuring

  Conjuring Skill

    Conjuring up a demon to protect you or a ghost to do your bidding will 

    be beneficial in both combat and general adventures.


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