In Neos Land, you are only get one Player Character per account.

              The character advancement system is designed where every action you take

              as a player will influence how your Character is developed.


              Being a Skill based system, swinging a sword or an axe will determine what

              skills and abilities you learn. Become a Crafter or a Warrior or both with the

              same character. As character's develop, some might become specialized

              in a certain skill and use those skills to generate revenue from other players.

              There are many skills and many ways to leave your mark in Neos Land, 

              it's up to you to decide how your character will be remembered.



             Weaponry           Magery         Professions




                Combat & PvP


                    Combat in Neos is unlike other games. You will have a cross hair 

                    above  your character when its over a mob or player it will target them. 

                   When your target has been selected, you will be able to do various

                   attacks on them depending on your weapon and skill level 

                   in the specific weapon.


                   Combat is fast based and by determining when to block and when

                   to attack, you can reduce the amount of damage that is being

                  inflicted on you and increase the amount of damage you are doing.


                  Each action following another action can have a different outcome

                  as certain combinations of attacks can cause additional damage or 

                  other effects on your target. By learning which combo chain will bring  

                  forth the most desirable effect, you will increase your chance 

                  of winning the battle.


                 Single Players can not be attacked or attack other players, only once

                 they have joined a guild or higher can they attack opposing guilds.

                 This system allows both PvP and PvE play in the same map,      




               Death & Revival


            When you die in Neos you will be presented with spawning options. 

            You will either be teleported to the nearest Healing Stone or house.

            You can also wait for 5 minutes max to see if a friend can revive you.  


            Releasing your spirit when you die will start a timer on your body.

            Once released all the items in  your inventory which do not have 

            a insurance spell on them will be placed in a grave stone where

             you have died. Three minutes after your death, other players will

            be able to loot your grave and  take all of the items in it.

             The faster you can get back  to your grave, the better chance

             you have of getting all your loot  you had when you died.

            After you are revived, you are immune to be attacked for 5 minutes

             by other players unless you attack them first.


             This system allows players who take a chance to get loot from other

             players, but also gives the players that died a chance to get it back

             and not be camped by their body.

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