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           Neos Land offers a High Fantasy MMORPG Open World with a small base lore 

            that is driven by the community.  The world will be shaped by the actions of the

            many heroes and villains that lay claim to the land.


            In Neos Land, the initial players will be the pioneers in a new  and unknown world.

            Founding the first settlement and deciding on what to do from there, remain or decide to

            venture off elsewhere. This is not to say  the world is empty with the exception of players and animals.

            There are other races and realms out there, friendly, self-serving, militant, or just plain evil.


            Time does march on, bringing with it new advances  of technology, magic, economics

            and politics. Advances are likely to be slow. Traveling to far off lands may be needed

            to gain that bit of knowledge, and once obtained it is up to the player to decide what to do with it.

            If you are looking for a game in which your actions have direct impact to the world, are able to build a legacy 

            for yourself though fame and fortune, and have a say in the matter, this is the game for you.










                   Character                     Pets & Mounts (coming soon)



            Housing & Towns             Political System (coming soon) 



                   Dungeons                   Recruit A Friend (coming soon)




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