Crafting: ( 27 November 2016)

Like most MMO games, crafting plays a major role in Neos Land. Crafting in the game has a twist with three major components that can change the stats and outcome of the item you craft. As you have learned before, using essence from creatures can allow players to craft a saddle, which will provoke a spirit form to ride as a mount. Now, we are taking this a bit further.
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In the game, players who love killing mobs can get essence from their victims and those who prefer to be gatherers or miners will also get a special item from their drops to be used in crafting. If a player is a miner, they have a chance to gather crystals and if they are a gatherer, they have a chance to get Aura from plants and organic things. The essence, crystals and auras can be different types depending on the item harvested, hunted or gathered. For instance, Fire Essence or aura would in turn add fire damage to a sword crafted or fire resistance to a crafted chest piece. This ability makes every item being crafted unique as players can add additional stats to them above their base stats.

Taking this a step further, players can also add stat buffs to furniture crafted by them; these can be applied when they are in range of the piece of furniture. This can create different uses for the furniture in the player’s house.

Let’s look in more detail at how crafting works directly in Neos. Like some games, a grid system is used for crafting only allowing specific items from a specific category to be places inside that crafting slot. For instance, different types of wood will fit only on one slot on the crafting panel. Different stations will also craft different items. There are nine different category slots on the crafting panel. The most important one is the recipe slot which is always required to be filled for crafting.

Different recipes can be summoned by a player depended on what skill level they have attained. For instance, if a player has level 10 in Blacksmithing, they would be able to summon a Stone Sword Recipe. This recipe can then be placed inside a crafting station with the appropriate resources it requires. Adding essence, crystals or Aura to the item will give it additional stats. This player can also sell this summoned recipe to other players who have a lower skill level in Blacksmithing and cannot summon a recipe themselves. This opens up a whole new way for crafting items, where some players will specialize in one skill to get the higher tier recipes and sell them to other players who followed a different path. Players can also get recipe drops for higher tier items from mobs as well.

With this crafting system, we hope to make the game a true player driven economy, allowing lower level players to be part of the crafting community. One thing to note, Neos is a pure skill driven game. Every action adds to your skill, but you are limited to a max amount of skill points. This means not everyone will be able to learn everything, so trading with other players is a necessity. We will cover Skills in more detail on the next post.




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