Mounts: ( 12 November 2016)

Today, we are going to talk about mounts in Neos Land. We decided to make mounts a bit different than normal MMO’s. One of the most important things to get as a drop from a creature is his essence. These are very rare drops and can be used in many different crafting recipes. One of the most prominent recipes is the crafting of mounts. Calling on the essence of a certain creature will allow players to bind a creature’s spirit to a saddle which, when summoned, will create a spiritual form of that creature to ride. There are also different tier saddles which can be crafted depending on the player’s skill level. This allows for a variety of stat variations for each mount type. With our unique system, players can sell said recipes to other players who do not have the skill level to generate them; allowing those players to craft higher-end mounts without the skill level needed.
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There are three different types of mounts: air, land and sea. Air mounts encompass the flying mounts group which can do attacks from above, but are primarily used for distance attacks or magical strike attacks. Land mounts are used for close combat attacks and are most commonly used for transport of goods over land. Sea mounts can allow a player to access deeper reaches of the ocean and to transport goods over water.

Using mounts in combat can increase the mounts’ level and stats. During combat, mounts can lose health. The only way to restore their health will be by feeding them more essence or leaving them stored at a local stable. Each mount type will have different stats. For instance, a War Horse will have additional speed while a Raging Boar will have added carrying capacity, allowing the player to carry more weight.

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With the mount system in place, it is very easy to trade or sell mounts to other players. Mounts can also be lost if they are in an unsummon stage and stored in a player’s inventory. Someone can steal it or loot a player’s body if they are killed, while the mount is in their possession. The best practice for players is to make sure to cast an insurance rune on their mounts to ensure they don’t loose them.



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