Skills & Combat: ( 7 December 2016)

This weekend, we had our first few players in Neos Land. It was a light test run where some players who has purchased Neos Land were invited to test it. We are doing a string of pre-alpha test runs; each one will have more players invited to it, so purchase your copy fast. The next test run will be this coming Saturday December 17 with emphasis on Skills and combat.

Neos combat is an action based combat system linked to your Skills. Each action will increase your skill level in that specific action. For instance, if you are using a sword and attack with it, your Skill in Swordsmanship will increase. This opens up new abilities which will increase the damage you do with that same sword. Because our crafting system is directly linked to our skills, you will also gain the ability to summon recipes for better weapons which in turn can be crafted or sold to other players. Combining different Skills together will allow for bonus damage or special effects on the target. As this is a pure Skill based game, with no character levels, a player can learn a variety of Skills.  However, a player will be limited to a maximum total amount of knowledge for all skills. This means a player can either specialize in a few skills, maxing out their knowledge level in those skills, or learn a broad amount of skills with lesser knowledge in them. This system allows unique character builds, which brings a variety to the game, where players strive to get the best build.

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With this robust skill system, the actual combat complements it. Players can toggle between combat mode and non-combat mode. While in combat, a player can’t use his mouse to activate any UI, as they uses the left and right mouse button to strike or block. Only damaging a target which is in their cross hairs, it makes for a fast based combat system. A player’s skill moving their character, combined with timing of abilities, will lead to victory. Some weapons, like range weapons, require ammo, but are less risky to use than melee weapons that do not require ammo. Melee weapons do more overall damage, but can make the player an easier target.  As this is a semi-Full loot game, players will have a very short time to recover the loot dropped from their backpack, when they die, before someone else can take it. All items a player has equipped or has insurance on in their backpack, will stay on their body when they are resurrected.
The use of siege weapons, like catapults or recruited NPC Guards, allows for an expanded combat experience combining both fast action with strategy. This set-up creates strategy for big wars to be waged between factions.




CraftingBoxCrafting: ( 27 November 2016)

Like most MMO games, crafting plays a major role in Neos Land. Crafting in the game has a twist with three major components that can change the stats and outcome of the item you craft. As you have learned before, using essence from creatures can allow players to craft a saddle, which will provoke a spirit form to ride as a mount. Now, we are taking this a bit further.In the game, players who love killing mobs can get essence from their victims and those who prefer to be gatherers or miners will also get a special item from their drops to be used in crafting. If a player is a miner, they have a chance to gather crystals and if they are a gatherer, they have a chance to get Aura from plants and organic things. The essence, crystals and auras can be different types depending on the item harvested, hunted or gathered. For instance, Fire Essence or aura would in turn add fire damage to a sword crafted or fire resistance to a crafted chest piece. This ability makes every item being crafted unique as players can add additional stats to them above their base stats.

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MountBoxMounts: ( 12 November 2016)

Today, we are going to talk about mounts in Neos Land. We decided to make mounts a bit different than normal MMO’s. One of the most important things to get as a drop from a creature is his essence. These are very rare drops and can be used in many different crafting recipes. One of the most prominent recipes is the crafting of mounts. Calling on the essence of a certain creature will allow players to bind a creature’s spirit to a saddle which, when summoned, will create a spiritual form of that creature to ride. There are also different tier saddles which can be crafted depending on the player’s skill level. This allows for a variety of stat variations for each mount type. With our unique system, players can sell said recipes to other players who do not have the skill level to generate them; allowing those players to craft higher-end mounts without the skill level needed.

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