Will Fortnite be free forever

Fortnite: Free to Play
Fortnite was released to the public in 2017 by Epic games. It is available for several devices such as the personal computer as well as gaming consoles. It is even available to play on mobile devices. One major question that many players seem to ask when researching a game is Fortnite free? The answer is yes. Epic has released this game for free and it will continue to be free for as long as the game is alive.

Most of the big games on the market today cost a large chunk of change. Is Fortnite Free to play? It just so happens that Fortnite is one exception to that rule. Epic games has made this multi player game free to players, and they expect to keep it that way. They offer their game free as a way to increase player count. Other rival big games in the business cost monthly fees to play and by offering Fortnite free to plays it will reduce that competition and take over that player base.

Like most games it does cost money for Epic to host it on a server. This cost is covered with additional items and such that may be purchased through the game store with what is referred to as V-Bucks.

Just because Fortnite is offered for free does not mean it has limitations for what players can obtain in it. Free players can earn everything from the “Real Wave” to a “Guiding Glow” Pickaxe.

Customer service and quality are not skimped on even for the free version of Fortnite. The game is monitored daily for any bugs, glitches, and even for bad players. Cheating is a big offence that Epic takes very seriously and will ban players on every Epic game if caught doing it.

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