Who created fortnite?

Who created fortnite?
Fornite is one of the biggest new games of this generation. There are a lot of elements that separate it from other games. It is available for PS4, Xbox one, Nintendo Switch PC and mobile devices. PC has more aiming and control options as well as more graphic options. Fortnite was originally a game about fighting hordes of zombies with your friends but blew up as the Battle Royal genre became more popular. It became so popular that it is regarded as the entire centerpiece of the battle royal genre. The Fortnite creator has created a game that is free and anyone can appreciate.

Before Fortnite blew up, Epic Games worked on other projects like unreal tournament. That is much more classic shooter with faster movement and a lack of aiming down sights. Games like this were incredibly popular because of other experiences like Doom and Quake. When it was made, it got attention from gamers, but didn’t receive as much appreciation as other experiences that were available at the time. It’s definitely not a game that would be popular today, due to its challenge and classic structure. But at the time it meant a lot to the consumers that purchased the product that they bought.

Epic games is most well known for for their Gears of war projects. They were a series of third-person cover shooters which were some of the most popular games of that were available in that generation. Even massive series like Mass Effect attempted to imitate the games with more cover mechanics and ammo types. There are elements that make it special but it really helped to diversify the Xbox game library. There were always a campaign that you could play with other people. The multiplayer felt new and more player friendly compared to other experiences.

With Epic as the Fortnite Creator, they have made a very special project that is different from almost every other major shooter. For one thing, the game has no blood, which means it was welcome to a much younger audience. There are also building mechanics that allow people to find a new way to make their play style. It’s something that no other major shooter has even attempted. Many elements like guns are randomized, but the other materials are for preparation and help to separate the good players from the bad players. This is why the game is so competitive.

In a game of 100 players and one winner, there are going to be a lot of losers. With new seasons and free patches it keeps the game from ever getting stale. Epic has also supported the competitive scene with all of the people who make the game more interesting. But at the same time, you are able to see new experiences with skins, parachutes and pickaxes that allow you to stand out. People as get to interact with different events that happen. For example, when Infinity was was released, players were allowed to play as Thanos and wreak havok.

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